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  4. The Chef


    Hi Tips are posted on the forum In the daddybot tipsters section just click on the name of the tipster to see what they posted that day
  5. Followed two so far 1 lay bet which won and one ew bet that placed. Great stuff and look forward to the next
  6. freeflow


    when do I receive tips from daddybot2
  7. Last week
  8. No prob. We're all here for same reason
  9. really great tipping paul thank you so much for sharing tony
  10. Hi folks I knew I had joined at the wrong time I’ve just had a message to go into hospital for my new knee , so I won’t be betting for a while best of luck to you all

  11. My postings are now in the proper section now. If you see me post Good Thing as heading it means get on as they nearly all win.
  12. Even though all our members are in profit, and we have been honest and consistent with our results, there are still a few people that moan whenever we have ONE losing day. You see, the problem with our world today is that we are addicted to instant gratification. Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfilment without delay - it’s about when you want it, and you want it now! When we don’t get fulfilment, our psychological response is anxiety or tension You can talk to any member that has stuck to our PRO subscription for over a week and they'll tell you that it's been MORE than beneficial for them in terms of profit, ROI and general betting experience. But ey, people LOVE focusing on the small negatives right? Even when it's FREE tips that win regularly! Control yourself, control your staking and control your attitude. Daddybot performs if you let it do its job: Click here to upgrade to PRO!
  13. Footy tonight. Tricky tricky. Confident on June to win at 1.71.
  14. Nice winner mate albeit I missed it but better in our pocket than the Bookies!
  15. Hi Paul good win yesterday can you post future tips in this section please http://community.daddybot.io/forum/26-community-tipsters/
  16. Thanks. Hopefully it helps. Looking forward to everyones input.
  17. Hello, Vivian, I just choose to discuss with you on the performances of the tips been given here.


    1. Vivian


      Go ahead.  I am still looking around the site, so won't have much to say, yet.

    2. Prince77


      can you share your opinion?


    3. Prince77


      okay, good response from you



  18. Nice winner Paul no matter the odds if they win :):)
  19. Mikec173


    Hi I'm new to this. What's 1X2 FT
  20. Horse won nicely. Not a moment in doubt. 62% on your money. I don't have many horses but mostly win. The previous one was 11/4. They tend to be odds on or up to 3/1. High strike rate. I will post on here if you like. Prob about 5 a month.
  21. Hex 3.40 solo saxophone short price but will win. I got 1.65. Good luck with your bets today.
  22. brian baird


    Not a lot of winners on Sunday 14/04/19, a few single bets and 1 five fold. Acca: 5-folds Odds: 27/10 Stake: £ 10.00 (1 Bet x £ 10.00) Return: £ 37.20 Hide Bet Details Bet ID 636907889729792428 Purchase Date 13/04/2019 22:49:31 Stake £ 10.00 (1 Bet x £ 10.00) Return £ 37.20 Status Won Crystal Palace vs Man City - 1X2 FT Liverpool vs Chelsea - 1X2 FT PSV Eindhoven vs De Graafschap - 1X2 FT Braga vs CD Tondela - 1X2 FT Benfica vs Setubal - 1X2 FT
  23. brian baird


    Good morning all, not much on the betting for Saturday 13/04/19 but still managed a small profit with the following bets :- Acca: 4-folds Odds: 11/4 Stake: £ 10.00 (1 Bet x £ 10.00) Return: £ 37.70 Hide Bet Details Bet ID 636907399197390490 Purchase Date 13/04/2019 09:11:58 Stake £ 10.00 (1 Bet x £ 10.00) Return £ 37.70 Status Won Stuttgart vs Leverkusen - 1X2 FT Ajax vs Excelsior Rotterdam - 1X2 FT Feyenoord vs Heracles - 1X2 FT Aves vs Sporting Lisbon - 1X2 FT Acca: Doubles Odds: 10/13 Stake: £ 20.00 (1 Bet x £ 20.00) Return: £ 35.80 Hide Bet Details Bet ID 636907518953300783 Purchase Date 13/04/2019 12:31:34 Stake £ 20.00 (1 Bet x £ 20.00) Return £ 35.80 Status Won Portimonense vs Porto - 1X2 FT Shakhtar Donetsk vs Zorya Luhansk - 1X2 FT
  24. Yes,I would like to know this too

    its not clear.

  25. it's a lark 4.20 fancy this horse to romp in today 

  26. Earlier
  27. brian baird


    Hi folks, i thought i would let you know about another good bet that came in for me yesterday. I picked four bets from the Europa League and stuck a tenner on it. Went out for a drink with the mates so when i got back i was in no state to look at my pc. Just checked the results about an hour ago and found that all my predictions have won. This has been one lucky week for me and i hope it keeps on going. Acca: 4-folds Odds: 15/1 Stake: £ 10.00 (1 Bet x £ 10.00) Return: £ 176.07 4% Your enhanced odds extra winnings of 6.77 have been credited to your account. Congrats! Hide Bet Details Bet ID 636905938640201549 Purchase Date 11/04/2019 16:37:42 Stake £ 10.00 (1 Bet x £ 10.00) Return £ 176.07 Status Won Slavia Prague vs Chelsea - 1X2 FT Benfica vs Eintracht Frankfurt - 1X2 FT Villarreal vs Valencia - Both Teams to Score Arsenal vs Napoli - 1X2 FT
  28. Am unable to work due to osteoarthritis in my knees, hips and neck and have suffered six heart attacks.  Thats why I havent paid a subscription yet. But I will, I cannot wait!  I do not leave the house much although I do like driving and I enjoy a cold beer and scotch with ice most nights. My betting skill or luck at the moment is or below par!  Heres to success to you all! 

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